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Reality Turned Inside Out

Some people have noted that our sense of the real has become “inverted”, which gives the present time its Alice-Through-The-Looking-Glass sense of irreality. As noted earlier, we should make a distinction between the “irreal” and the “unreal”. What counts now is less our thoughts about the real than the feelings we have for it, and this presents us with something of a problem, given what Gebser describes as “chaotic emotion”.

So, this is, in a sense, reality turned inside out in which thought about things is made subordinate to feelings about things, which are in constant flux. This inversion of the real is quite consistent with what Aurobindo anticipated as a coming “Age of Subjectivism”, but which is actually coincident with the “discovery of the unconscious”.

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A Short Review

If it feels like you’re hearing about a lot of seemingly obscure ideologies associated with acts of mass violence (e.g., Asatru Folk Assembly; Nordic racial paganism; Black Hebrew Israelites; Esoteric Hitlerism, etc), you’re not imagining things and it’s not a coincidence.

Caroline Orr

Right. Not surprising if you’re familiar with Jean Gebser’s Ever-Present Origin and his works on the history of consciousness structures and their breakdown. But I thought I would take Caroline Orr’s remarks here as an opportunity to review what I once described as “the most haunting words in all literature” — a portend of things to come that have now arrived as “the New Normal”.

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