The Teachings of the Four Directions

If a man has a why, he can endure any how — Nietzsche

What is it that allowed the early Christians to persevere and triumph despite the persecutions, repressions, and martyrdoms of the Romans? They had the symbol of the cross as shield, and also their own teachings of the four directions — Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John by name.

What allowed William Blake to endure the humiliations and indignities of his contemporaries? He had his fourfold vision and his intimate knowledge of the four Zoas as being “our Energies”.

Similarly, what will aid the indigenous to endure, persevere and eventually triumph over the Megamachine and the racist morons of “Single Vision” that threaten to roll over them? It is their own Sacred Hoop and teachings of the Four Directions — (the Megamachine being the realised form of “Single Vision”).

What imparts new potency and vigour to Gebser’s “integral consciousness”? Again, it is another version of the teachings of the four directions, only called “archaic”, “magical”, “mythical”. and “mental-rational” modes of consciousness.

There are lessons in these issues for understanding the full meaning of “fourfold vision” and the meaning of the mandala.


9 responses to “The Teachings of the Four Directions”

  1. Scott Preston says :

    Just a reminder, too, what Lewis Mumford calls “the Megamachine” is what Ginsberg called “Moloch” in his poem “Howl”, and is, presumably, what Yeats meant by “the rough beast” of his poem “The Second Coming”. It is the realised form of that which Blake decried as “Single Vision & Newtons sleep”.

    … the corrective to which was fourfold vision.

  2. Steve says :

    WOW……….R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz was a phenomenon. You must read ” Nature Word”. Definitely read the BRILLIANT foreword and introduction. My god what a monster.

  3. InfiniteWarrior says :

    Who are the racist morons in the internal disagreements among the Wet’suwet’en? Members of the elected councils? Members of the hereditary chiefs?

    Shades of Standing Rock. How is that the leadership of the Sioux knew about the DAPL, but their people hadn’t a clue until its construction equipment and crews were “right on [their] doorstep?” Not a clue.

    No question: indigenous tribes never have been and are not now sufficiently consulted about anything that concerns them, their lands and their futures. But what’s this happy horseshit with their own leadership making decisions and, even, deals with the Megamachine on their behalf without bothering to consult (at all, much less fully) with their own people?

    That sounds terribly familiar as well and not at all like the tribal councils of old. The fuel line of the Megamachine threatening to run over them is the same one that routinely has overrun us all.

    • Scott Preston says :

      A little more involved than that. Most indigenous tribes of BC are not covered by treaty. That’s an ongoing process. The Supreme Court of Canada recognised that the hereditary governance structure was the only legitimate authority to engage in making treaty. The Indian Act chief and council system should have no authority. That means, sovereignty lies with the hereditary governance system. It just won’t do to go in, set up an alternative governance system amenable to the state, and then pretend you’re making treaty. The only authority, recognised by law, that has the authority to negotiate treaty are the hereditary chiefs.

      And that means, the BC government, the gas company involved, and the RCMP broke the law when they invaded and occupied the Wet’suwet’en territory. That’s the main issue. Virtually every legal scholar concurs that the state and CGL and the RCMP broke the law.

      Yes, there are big divisions on and off the reserves. I’ve seen that myself between traditionalists and the chief and council system installed by the Indian Act. That’s a fissure that runs through pretty much every reserve and territory.

      • InfiniteWarrior says :

        It just won’t do to go in, set up an alternative governance system amenable to the state, and then pretend you’re making treaty.

        Isn’t that the definition of “happy horseshit?” Let’s ask the Iraqis and Afghans….

  4. Scott Preston says :

    With CoVID-19 pandemic and panic, the situation of Late Modernity looks even more akin to that of Late Christendom than even before.

  5. Scott Preston says :

    Recent statement on Twitter by a member of the indigenous bar in Canada gets to the nub of things: ( )

    Drew Lafond
    The recent events reveal a crisis surrounding the rule of law in Canada. Without a harmonization of federal, provincial and Indigenous legal orders, Indigenous unrest will continue to disrupt relations between and Canada and its investors

    I tend to look at events through the prism of Blake’s prophetic books, particularly the distinction between fourfold vision and single vision, and this is what we are seeing here in this conflict. The lack of harmonisation of the “rule of law” gives to this rule of law a problematic character — dissonance, double-think, self-contradiction — that reflects the conflict within the modern mind itself.

    Four Directions teachings and law in conflict with Single Vision and its idea of law reflects the tension that exists between the integral and the merely assimilatory. This is the issue that has riled up the country.

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