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Daniel Christian Wahl’s Transformation of Consciousness Model.

I came across this today, and in light of the previous post (in fact, all previous posts in The Chrysalis) I wanted to draw it to your attention. The map here is excerpted from an article by Daniel Christian Wahl entitled “Transformation of Consciousness“. The map, I think, was developed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

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“Four Scenarios for the Post-Corona World”

I would like to comment briefly on this assessment of what a potential post-Corona Society would look like: “Four Scenarios for the Post-Corona World” which, of course, presumes we will succeed in avoiding total disintegration and collapse. It is interesting since in conception it follows the pattern of Rosenstock-Huessy’s “cross of reality”, which pattern I’ll attempt to draw out and make explicit below with the basic representation.

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Metanoia, Tetramorph, and Gebser’s “Pre-Existing Pattern”

“Social disintegration is a blessing in disguise since it compels us to wake up. The grammatical method insists that the negative aspects of society compel us to think, to speak, to write, to study, and nothing else makes us think really.”

Rosenstock-Huessy, Speech and Reality.

There is, indeed, a quite remarkable rethink going on during the present health crisis, and quite a lot of it is informed by the quadrilateral structure (the tetramorphic), Jean Gebser’s “pre-existing pattern”, that we have discussed for some time in the pages of The Chrysalis.

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