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Capital and Labour In The 21st Century

Much conservative economic policy follows a tired old script and formulaic thinking that has long since lost its relevance and is as much contributing to present social chaos as anything else. This is one reason why the conservative “preference for the familiar” can become an extreme vulnerability, if not social disease, insofar as it prevents insight into new realities.

So, for example, I am watching Alberta’s relatively newly elected United Conservative Party gut and eviscerate their own province simply because they do not comprehend current economic reality and are trying to force inappropriate policies upon Albertans that belong to a bygone era — policies that have now lost all relevance or effectiveness.

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Enantiodromia: From Objectification to Subjectification

Not so long ago, the principal complaint was about the “objectification” of the subject. That was the complaint about the Old Normal, as it were. But there has been a dramatic reversal of this dynamic, a seemingly revealing example of Jung’s “enantiodromia” or reversal at the extremity. The problem of the “New Normal” is the subjectification of the objective.

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Rene Descartes and David Bohm, II

Or, outrunning and surviving the dichotomies.

We need to correct some misconceptions about the meaning of “integration” and the integral to emphasise, with Gebser, that it is not a “synthesis” nor even a new “system” as such. So, today I also want to delve further into why I think David Bohm stands out from the crowd in respect of the “metanoia” or “new consciousness”.

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