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What It Means To Be Post-Cartesian

Drive your cart and your plow over the bones of the dead

William Blake, The Proverbs of Hell
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David Bohm and “Domains of Relevance”

I haven’t made a secret of my admiration for physicist David Bohm as being exemplary of the kind of new integral consciousness anticipated by Jean Gebser in his Ever-Present Origin. So I want to briefly indicate how that new consciousness is being embodied and coming to the fore in David Bohm.

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Time, Modernity and Madness

When you think about it, the omission of time as a constituent of our reality until Einstein is quite astonishing. But that is what the three-dimensional universe did. Reality was deemed to be a structure (or ratio) of only three-dimensions of space — length, width and depth. This is the essential character of what Gebser calls “perspectival consciousness”, and it is space-dominated and space-obsessed. It also became a method of thinking with Descartes and his coordinate geometry. Time became “the unconscious”.

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