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The Concept of Fitness

Let’s continue from the previous post on “The Foreseen” — and the adequacy of our responses to the irruption of the unforeseen — with the concept of “fitness”, as in “survival of the fittest” in relation to the evolutionary forces, (or “the creative forces” as some prefer). If you understand Blake, or fourfold vision more generally, the popular concept of fitness as presently understood is woefully inadequate, being itself an artefact of “Single Vision” or the one-sided attitude. “Fitness” is usually associated with the physical or biological organism. But fitness is a relative term, and it embraces all aspects of the fourfold human (or Tetramorph) in the physical, vital, psychical, and spiritual nature.

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The Unforeseen

It could be a typical characteristic in the waning decades of a civilisation that it continuously draws the wrong conclusions from evidence, particularly as regards crucial issues of continuity and survival. That too — drawing the wrong conclusions from the evidence — is an aspect of what Gebser calls “the deficient mode of the mental-rational consciousness structure”. A consciousness structure that has entered into its deficient mode does not respond at all well or adequately to the unforeseen.

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The Evolutionary Pressure

The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.


A previous post in The Chrysalis spoke of time as a pressure. We should perhaps describe that as an evolutionary stress and pressure. Also in a much earlier post in the former Dark Age Blog, I suggested that this pressure, and the evident turbulence and anxiety accompanying it, can be likened to a state of being stuck between the anvil of the Earth and the Hammer of God, another way perhaps of describing modern malaise and modern dukkha. If you are the raw material been worked on, you might even think you are being punished, rather than being created anew. If a stone could think, it might even believe that it is being punished by a Michelangelo rather than transformed into a work of art. This is the proper way to reflect on the current “chaotic transition” and the evolutionary pressure.

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