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The Matrix

The Matrix was an intriguing movie — at least the first one — but I tend to read from it something quite different that most others seem to take away from it. Ironically, the “Matrix” is what used to be called “the System” by the New Left, but which now has been appropriated especially by the “New Right” (or “Alt-Right”) as “the Matrix”. Another bit of “ironic reversal”. But “System” or “Matrix”, insight is still lacking into what these are fundamentally.

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Origin and the Originated

The issue of what Jean Gebser might mean by speaking of a “pre-existing pattern” implicit in the evolutions (“unfoldings”) of consciousness has come up once again, and this pre-existing pattern pertains also to what Gebser calls “the grammatical mirror”. In other words, the phrase “pre-existing pattern” refers to what Gebser understands as the Logos, and the structure of the Logos, or that which was “in the beginning, is now, and will be forever more, amen”, ie, “the ever-present”. To be “pre-existent” is non-Being, but which is the origin of Being and that from which Being arises like Blake’s “Eternity’s Sunrise”.

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About Maps and Territories, III

Today, I would like to resurface a quote from the early days of The Chrysalis. It is from a book entitled The Unknown Reality, and it shook me to my roots when I first read it. I recognised the truth in it. In many respects, this blog even exists as a response to this statement and as a continuous engagement with it. These words have been very informative of my own direction, focus and efforts — my own “map” as it were. And although these words were first spoken many decades ago, they are evidently prophetic, anticipating our current situation with uncanny accuracy.

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