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  1. Nicholas MacNider says :

    As I’m not sure of your identity, which is not clear in your blog, wI can only address you generally, but what is absolutely clear is the wisdom of your words. Respectfully I sense however, perhaps wrongly, an air of fatal acceptance. You’ve offered no practical response to the dilemma we face. I would beg therefore, on behalf of so many individuals outraged and dumfounded in the face of the lunatic mainstream; please convey your words to Ms Elizabeth Cannon, President of the Calgary University, Mr Rick Hanson of the Calgary Police Service, and Mr Brian Saunders, Canadian Director of Public Prosecutions. Ask them what they’re willing to do, for if evil is to triumph, all the good have to do is nothing.

    President Calgary University
    Phone: 403-220-5617
    Fax: 403-289-6800
    Country code: +1
    Email Elizabeth Cannon: president@ucalgary.ca

    Calgary Chief of Police Rick Hanson
    1 403 266 1245 or
    133 – 6th Avenue S.E.
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2G 4Z1

    Public Prosecution Service of Canada
    284 Wellington Street – 2nd Floor
    Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8

    Most Sincerely Yours

    Nicholas MacNider

  2. Scott says :

    Thank you Nicholas. We have taken whatever steps can be taken to ensure Mr. Flanagan was censured for his remarks. As it is, I think Mr. Flanagan has ended up assassinating his own reputation and the smidgeon of public credibility he had as a political commentator.

  3. edlevin2015 says :

    I wanted to ask you a question offline, but I don’t see an email address or other contact method. A simple question but not really a reply to a particular post.

    • nick says :

      You can reply to me at nickgonewalkabout@yahoo.co.uk

      Seems like an age has passed since the original post, and Assange, Snowden, Manning uniformly hounded. Yet,I remain convinced they all acted on conscience for the greater good in spite of the danger. The war on whistleblowers hasn’t abated much however. The good seem to have responded by sinking into a collective miasma of silence. What do you think?

      • Scott Preston says :

        As Tom Paine put in a while back, “these are times to try men’s souls” (and women’s too, might add). It’s going to be very challenging to get through the “chaotic transition” without losing our marbles. It’s going to require a fine balance of fluidity and resilience.

  4. organicmatter says :

    Hi Scott,
    Your posts are in such depth, you sound like a highly read and educated man.

    Do you have an ebook? (If not you should)

    I look forward to reading and rereading because theres so much to take in for my brain…lol

    I would say check out my blog but its probably not your cup of tea its full of emotion and not much in depth research.

    Anyway thank you for all your knowledge I will learn alot from you.

    Jade 😊🌸

  5. junkiegenius.com says :

    You’re posts are amazing. I am awed and inspired. Thank you, Heidi

  6. Kim says :

    I’m concerned about you. You’ve not updated since September. I hope that you are ok. I appreciate so much your wisdom.

    • Scott Preston says :

      Thanks for your concern. It has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride lately, and I’m now forced into moving soon, so things are a bit unsettled. At the same time, observing the “modern mind” decaying into incoherence can be very discouraging, which is perhaps the most obvious thing about the present situation.

      Already quite well described by Yeats’ *The Second Coming*.

      As Dr. McGilchrist related to me in private correspondence, we are in a race against time to counter-act increasing decoherence with a new principle of coherence or integration, which is really what his impressive work in neurodynamics is about, parallel to David Bohm’s efforts to establish a new principle of coherence the life of the mind.

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