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From the Devil’s Notebook, Entry 1

I’ve been corresponding, lately, with a noted author and philosopher (whose name I will not reveal for the time being) about contemporary social issues. I will also not post his own responses at length because of potential copyright or similar issues. Perhaps in future this may be possible. I will, however, summarise and precis his views in order to provide some context for my own responses, which might be taken in the spirit of “notes found in a bathtub” or from a notebook.

I will be entitling this correspondence, when posted, in the form of “notes from the Devil’s Notebook” only because some people — the Anders Breiviks of the world and other assorted reactionaries — already consider me a devil incarnate, worthy only to be rubbed out. It appears that when the neo-conservative reactionaries David Frum and Richard Perle published their imbecilic and idiotic book An End to Evil, they likely had me in mind as well. So… I will helpfully assume their stupid reactionary utopian fantasy and… bedevil them.

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