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What is an “Enlightened Ego Consciousness?” Part VII: Fountain and Cistern

The cistern contains; the fountain overflows” — William Blake, The Proverbs of Hell

When I was an ungraduate, I had a professor who was fascinated by cisterns and water. There was something archetypal about that fascination. He insisted that in a properly designed cistern the water would continue to flow and circulate, which was important for him because he considered water to be alive. This is something he shared with the indigenous, for in the province in which I reside — Saskatchewan — this name is taken from the Cree meaning “living water”.

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Dark Money, Dark Power

‘Power remains strong when it remains in the dark; exposed to the sunlight it begins to evaporate.’ — Samuel Huntington

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What is an “Enlightened Ego Consciousness?” Part VI: The Keys of the Kingdom

I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” — Matthew 16

Just when I think that it’s time to dive right into the centre of this question — the “cistern” as it were — about what constitutes an “enlightened ego consciousness”, a little voice in my head intercedes and says, “No… you have to address this first.” And today, the little voice interceded again when I was about to begin a description of the meaning of Blake’s “cistern” (as in the proverb “the cistern contains; the fountain overflows”) and the little voice said, “you have to address the meaning of “the power to bind” and “the power to loose” first, which are the keys of the kingdom.”

Well, yes…. it does make perfect sense that I should do so, for they are the keys after all. And, in any case, the power to bind and the power to loose also correspond in meaning to Blake’s cistern and fountain metaphors. So, let’s go for it!

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What is an “Enlightened Ego Consciousness?” Part V: The Thanatic Wave

Our Earth is presently in the grips of what I think of as a “Thanatic Wave”, Thanatos, of course, being the Greek god of death. It is called by other names, of course — Age of Extinction, “two centuries of nihilism” (Nietzsche), biocide, “the Death Economy”, “Kali Yuga“, “entropy”, and so on, and is, in most respects, what we associate with the Anthropocene. We can subsume all these different manifestations of destruction under the theme of  the “Thanatic Wave”.

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What is an “Enlightened Ego Consciousness?” Part IV: The Treasures of Darkness

It is interesting to note that the words “consciousness” and “occult” were coined at roughly the same time in the 16th century — the early Enlightenment. This seemingly arcane detail is, nonetheless, of supreme importance for understanding the perspectival or mental-rational consciousness structure, or what we understand today by the phrase “ego consciousness”. These neologisms are quite revealing, because they prefigure the later “discovery” that the individual is actually divided within himself or herself between “conscious” and “unconscious” processes (or light and dark). What did not accord with the new mentally- or intellectually-oriented consciousness — the perspectival or rational — was literally consigned to the outer darkness, to dwell there as “the occult”.

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What is an “Enlightened Ego Consciousness?” Part II: Our Mortal Danger

“Vom Tode und nur vom Tode fängt alles Erkennen an.” — Schiller

And in today already walks tomorrow” — Samuel Taylor Coleridge

This morning I appended a couple of additional comments to the last post indicating why this issue of what constitutes an “enlightened ego consciousness” is such an urgent matter in view of “the return of the repressed”. The necessity of this is already sensed by many people.  Our Earth and its life are in mortal peril. This is almost entirely owing to our own activities, and is the result of the alienation and estrangement of the human ego-consciousness from the foundations of life. These foundations do not lie in the past, but in the present. It is a mistake to think of Origin as some one-time event in the remote past. Origin is a continuous springing-forth, and also a continuous passing-away. 

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What is an “Enlightened Ego Consciousness”? Part II: Beyond the Robot

We will proceed here with the second part of our examination of what might be said to constitute an “enlightened ego consciousness”.

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