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Post-Truth Society and the Brain

Interesting study reported in The Guardian about how lying, snowballing, changes the brain. It seems, then, to become a form of biological self-harm in that sense as well.

Lots to reflect on there in terms of the “new normal” and “post-truth society”.

The Dream Society and the Age of Subjectivism

(A lovely, and very loud thunderstorm brewing up over us here this evening).

Let’s turn once again, at this point, to the theme of “the return of the repressed”, to Rolf Jensen’s brave new world of The Dream Society and how all this relates to Aurobindo’s “Age of Subjectivism” and Gebser’s “consciousness mutation”. It’s all a rather bizarre story.

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The Real, the Unreal, and the Irreal in The Dream Society

I may have hit a wall of incomprehension — or perhaps even incredulity — in my previous posts and commentaries on the meaning of “The Dream Society”, and how the logic of this Dream Society is now playing out in all the strange and surreal events of the present, inclusive of the Trump phenomenon. So, I’ll redouble my efforts here to try to clarify what I mean in saying that the “market”, as now presently imagined, has become the manifest domain of the Jungian “collective unconscious”, and that this “Dream Society” can’t even be comprehended except in those terms. If, in the past, the so-called “real economy” trafficked in “real estate”, we might say that the market of the Dream Society trafficks in “irreal estate”. And if some indigenous cultures sometimes speak of “the White Man’s Dreaming”, then that dreaming is what is now made explicit and manifest in The Dream Society.

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