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The “Holographic” Universe: The Full Series

It might be useful to put the complete 5 part “workshop” series called “The Holographic Universe”, which I mentioned in an earlier comment, in one convenient location which I will do here.

Bear in mind that the comparison of ourselves and our reality with a hologramme is a metaphor, albeit a more appropriate metaphor than the “Clockwork Universe”, or the current fashion of comparing the universe to a computer simulation. In a sense, Holographic Universe, Clockwork Universe, or the Computer Universe are techno-rational mythologies — summary symbolic forms, appropriate to a techno-rational mentality, that serve to facilitate comprehension. Metaphors are always only translations. It’s the very meaning of the word “meta-phor”. A metaphor (to carry across) is a “bridging” concept or symbol. Nonetheless, the holographic metaphor is a great improvement over the Clockwork metaphor.

Because it is a metaphor that the narrator here, Stephen Davis, tends to take far too literally at times, it also tends to result in distortions or part-truths. I don’t concur with everything Mr. Davis says, but what I perceive to be his errors or half-truths are not greatly damaging, although they do hinder broader understanding.

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Becoming What You Are: Narcissism and Self-Overcoming

Among Carlos Castaneda’s admirers and detractors both, few seem to appreciate or understand that his apprenticeship to the old Yaqui “sorcerer” who he called “don Juan Matus” was entirely about erasing the boundaries of the self so that “the wings of perception” could unfold. In other words, from first to last his apprenticeship was about overcoming the narcissism of what don Juan called Castaneda’s “precious self”.

And about that there are many lessons to be learned.
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Harold Waldwin Percival: The Human Descent and the Soul’s Ascent

I have spent part of this weekend snow-bound in a ditch along Wide Awake Road. It’s just one of those things that happens to winter drivers at least once in their lifetimes. I lost the road during a white-out while avoiding an on-coming vehicle and — Phwump! — my right wheels caught the shoulder of the road and the Jeep was pulled down the embankment ploughing into four feet of snow. That may have been a good thing, since the snow-depth in the ditch prevented the Jeep from possibly rolling over. It was one of those visually disorienting days in wintertime when the sky and the ground are the same uniform and monotonous colour — an undifferentiated gray-whiteness. As above, so below, and also to the left and the right. The primal grey goo. Fortunately, in due time a Good Samaritan in a 3/4 tonne 4×4 diesel truck came along and we managed to free the Jeep.

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