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The “Holographic” Universe: The Full Series

It might be useful to put the complete 5 part “workshop” series called “The Holographic Universe”, which I mentioned in an earlier comment, in one convenient location which I will do here.

Bear in mind that the comparison of ourselves and our reality with a hologramme is a metaphor, albeit a more appropriate metaphor than the “Clockwork Universe”, or the current fashion of comparing the universe to a computer simulation. In a sense, Holographic Universe, Clockwork Universe, or the Computer Universe are techno-rational mythologies — summary symbolic forms, appropriate to a techno-rational mentality, that serve to facilitate comprehension. Metaphors are always only translations. It’s the very meaning of the word “meta-phor”. A metaphor (to carry across) is a “bridging” concept or symbol. Nonetheless, the holographic metaphor is a great improvement over the Clockwork metaphor.

Because it is a metaphor that the narrator here, Stephen Davis, tends to take far too literally at times, it also tends to result in distortions or part-truths. I don’t concur with everything Mr. Davis says, but what I perceive to be his errors or half-truths are not greatly damaging, although they do hinder broader understanding.

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